The C Food System

A Food Enhancement System for Geeks and Nerds

The C Food System has been created to facilitate the production of edible meals by Geeks and Nerds, especially Programmers. Careful compilation of the functions contained in this manual will result in dinners that you will be proud to serve to family, guests, maybe even someone you're trying to attract (or keep in your life!)

There are benefits in the C Food System for every segment of Society:

Geeks: There are too many things in the kitchen that you just don't understand. Well, no promise that we can fix ALL of that, but this is a start. You'll be turning out edible food in no time!

Nerds: You can figure out anything. This volume simply puts it in a syntax that you can relate to.

The Amish: OK, not the Amish. Nor any other segment of society that chooses to reject technology. I'm cool with that. We should have lunch. We could talk about gardening. Or the weather.

Mothers: Are you worried that your wonderful son who just got his first job as a software engineer will starve without access to his alma mater's food service? Is he too far away for you to cook for him? Fear not! The C Food Food Enhancement System puts recipes in a language he understands (even if you don't). He'll eat well and maybe even get a date!

Fathers: Do you REALLY care? You just want get the money pit out of your house and get back to life the way it was before kids. This can help keep that raving appetite away from your table (and house)!

Everyone else: C'mon, there are a lot of elements at play here. We've got humor, pathos (OK, not a lot of pathos), melancholy (again, not a lot) and delight (hopefully a bunch!) You might have to read some of these recipes through a few times (and/or learn a little programming), but you'll get it eventually! I mean, this stuff is EASY! What's wrong with you? Why can't everyone do this?!?

Free Sample Code: Now in Three Versions!
Quantum Duck
Fresh Tomatoes
The Time Warp Cocktail

The Original: v1.0 The Updated: v1.01 The Kindled: v1.02
From Asparagus, Peas and Lobster to Baked Potatoes and Wine, the C Food System will have you compiling great meals in (almost) no time! All of the classic C Food functions and header files printed one-sided in the original spiral binder. Leaves lots of room for notes! This is bound to be a classic! A certificate of authenticity (signed by your Humble Author!) will be included, bound WITHIN the volume! Hurry, no more than 1k will be printed! Updated and reformatted to fit the latest printing technologies. Almost nothing that you can't find in v1.0, but at a lower price. Even MORE updated and MORE reformatted to fit the latest rendering technologies. Virtually nothing that you can't find in v1.0 or v1.01, but at a STILL lower price and harder to read!
Just $49.95
(Hey! It's a lot of work!)

Sorry, USA addresses only.
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